Can We Choose Our Own Holy Days

Many would have this first impression upon their conscience that, we are under a New Covenant and this gives us the Christians the freedom to worship God however we see fit and however we want – including deciding on the day and days of worship. The Question one should ask however is this: Does the Mighty Creator allow us to choose our own Religious Holidays? What does the Bible say about it since we seem to claim that the Bible is the word of God?

Listen friends, there is specific instruction to commemorate Christ’s death; there is absolutely no commandment in the scripture to observe his resurrection. Yet in today’s Christian religious norms and customs, followers are so ingrained in the church calendar that by default many would consider it to be heretical to question it. Let the Bible teach you as a lesson, the first tragedy when people decide to choose their own holydays and worship ways;
When the ancient Israelites came out from Egypt, God led them in the wilderness to Mt. Sinai to teach them his ways and how they should worship him because they were influenced by the pagan worships and traditions in Egypt for 400 years. When Moses stayed on top Mt. Sinai a little longer than expected, they began to look to Moses’ bother, as their leader (Exodus 32:1). Under Aaron’s leadership, they decided to worship God in accordance with the common, traditional practice of the pagan Egyptians. At Aaron’s suggestion, they donated their golden earrings and other gold plated stuff as raw material to make a golden calf of which the Egyptian worshipped (Verses 2 – 4). Verses 4- 5 records Aaron telling other Israelites, “This is your god, O Israel, that brought you out of Egypt!”

Israelites worshipping calf under Mt. Sinai

Now watch this; not only did Aaron make them an idol to worship but as a leader of the congregation of Israel – as a leader of the church of Israel who claimed to be the people of the Living God, he proclaimed to the people, “TOMORROW IS THE FEAST TO THE LORD”.Listen friends, Aaron who is the first High Priest of the physical house of Israel whom today you can equal him to the likes of: Pope of the Catholic Church, Bishop of Canterbury of the Anglican Church, ELCPNG Bishop of the Lutheran Church in PNG or the President of LWF, President of the General COnference of the Seventh Day Adventists, etc, etc. not only just induced the house of Israel to practice idolatry in worshipping the calf; but he took it upon himself to set a day of worship. He assumed that he could establish “A FEAST TO THE LORD.” Upon his announcement, the people took the matter of the tomorrow feast a step further. In verse 6, the Bible records “they rose up (the next day supposedly the feast day of the Lord) to play.” The phrase “rose up to play” refers to sexual immorality which was explained Cleary in the New Bible Commentary as: “an orgiastic dance, which characterized pagan religion” (New Bible COmmentary, page 137).
That incident on that day included clash of faith. Godly elements of service to the Living God were mixed with pagan customs and traditions of idolatry and sexual immorality.
This agglomeration is evident today when people combine paganism with the teachings of the Bible. Israel’s self-made, holy day however, turned tragic. You will find in Exodus 32:7 that God told Moses to descend the mountain immediately because the people “have corrupted themselves”. Friends, let me get one thing clear here; as and when you compromise paganism with the truth of the Bible in your worship according to your own traditions and philosophies, the Living God declared that you have “CORRUPTED YOURSELVES”. We also identified in our previous article that by taking the pagan traditions into our worship to worship the living God; he declared it to be an ABOMINATION TO HIM.

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